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Enhanced Building Services

Enhanced Building Services is a highly qualified and professional team of project managers delivering projects within the strata industry, fire and life safety sector and remedial building sector.

Our goal is to collaborate with our clients to strategically plan and coordinate every project to ensure that we achieve an unsurpassed outcome.

With an extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, existing and new buildings, our end game is not only to satisfy and meet the expectations of our clients, it is also to ensure that all members of the community and end users are provided with a compliant and maintainable system for the life of a building. We do this through education, knowledge and compliance with all regulatory and legislative frameworks that are observed to the highest standards of the industry.

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Strata Managers
Owners Corporations  

If you own a new or existing building, we can assist with your aluminium cladding, fire order, dilapidated buildings, voluntary upgrades or defect rectification works.


  Commercial Building Owners    

Looking at a façade upgrade or internal refurbishment? We can project manage the entire process or work alongside your trades and contractors. Due to the number of stakeholders, we can provide financial reporting and completion status reporting for any works to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.  


Building Consultants
Building Surveyors
Insurance Specialists     

If you’re a building consultant, building surveyor or insurance specialist who has a building that is dilapidated and requires upgrading, or with a fire order implemented, requires a voluntary upgrade or has defects under the Home Building Act or HBCF warranty scheme, we can project manage the upgrade or rectification of any non-compliances and deficiencies identified within a building.  


Project Management Services

We pride ourselves in providing the best in managing and coordinating projects for specific engagement against defined scopes and providing our expertise of the building and construction industry.

Our comprehensive skill set allows us to assist our clients to meet the essential parameters of quality, cost and time in any project.

We offer the following project management services:
Remedial building upgrades.
  Fire and Life safety upgrades.
  Building Defect rectification process.
  Aluminium Composite Panel removal and replacement.
  Fire Order upgrades.
  Contract administration.

Transparent communication is key. Our success is determined through supporting our clients and having clear and open communication channels to ensure that all stakeholders are informed and understand the tasks at hand.

Our services can be tailored to suit each client. We can have a full-on involvement roll with day to day supervision of contractors and tradesman or a simpler role where the client has more of an involvement with the works and we provide the technical support and assistance as required.

Our services include all aspects of project management including contract initiation, payment claims, cashflow monitoring, time management and defects liability periods.


Fire Order Management

Buildings are built to standards, codes and legislation that are applicable at that point in time. There are provisions within NSW legislation that requires essential services within a building to be maintained to the standard of performance applicable when installed. However, as time goes by, systems become dated, buildings dilapidate; and codes and standards change. The ongoing cost of maintaining a building becomes costly to the point where upgrades are essential.

In NSW, Local Council Authorities, Private Certifiers and NSW Fire & Rescue are permitted under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act/Regulations to implement conditions on a Development Application, Construction Certificate or issue a fire order on a building where the measures contained in the building are deemed inadequate and are required to be upgraded to ensure that the existing life safety measures are increased to a better and more satisfactory level.

In some instances, the owners/investors choose to undertake Fire and Life Safety Upgrades voluntarily with no legal obligation to increase the level of fire and life safety within a building to a nominated standard. The upgrade is at the discretion and to the extent of the owners/investors.

Our large involvement in council fire orders over the years has allowed us to develop a knowledge and experience in the upgrading of existing buildings that allows us to address all legislative and council requirements. We understand that existing buildings are limited and constrained to their original design and various upgrades may not be practical or achievable. Our ability to think broadly and outside the box allows us to go beyond the boundaries of specific criteria and negotiate with council throughout the fire order process to achieve the required outcome by a different pathway.

Our fire order management services also include specifications, scopes of works, tendering, engaging specialist contractors, extensions of time with council, letters of representations to council and all those listed in our project management services. We have built strong business relationships with some of the industry’s best building regulations consultants and A1 accredited certifiers. We can arrange for all fire order works to be certified at each stage and lifted from council with ease. There is no reason for additional stress to our clients running around trying to get things signed off.


Defect Rectification Works

We offer our expert services in the rectification of general building defects and fire and life safety defects identified in buildings under the 2-year general defect and 6-year structural defects liability periods stipulated within the Home Building Act.

Whether you’re a builder who has a building defects report served on them or an owner/investor who has just settled a litigation case, we are here to project manage and appoint specialised contractors to rectify all identified defects.


Remedial Building Works

Our range of services also include the project management of remedial building works in strata and commercial buildings.
As buildings age, they become dilapidated and require maintenance and repairs. Some buildings just need a facelift. We are here to help.


Access for Persons with a Disability

In addition to building, we offer additional services to help those with different abilities to us. It’s our way to give back. Some people face setbacks in life or just simply require additional room and space to move around to complete their daily activities.

Enhanced Building Services have many years’ experience and knowledge interpreting and implementing the construction requirements for persons with a disability and adaptable living.

We are equipped to project manage upgrades and renovations of bathrooms, showers, bedrooms, adaptable units, houses and commercial fit-outs in strict accordance with AS1428.1, AS1428.2, AS4299 and AS2890.6 etc. We also have the skill set to help adapt and renovate your home or business to suite your needs and provide compliant accessible features with consideration to existing dimensions and construction limits.

If you are a person with a disability and need your home/unit renovated or want to move into a newly adapted place, please give the team at Enhanced Building Services a call.


Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP)

Tragically, we saw the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 where many lives were lost due to the spread of fire through the external facade wall cladding system. We know that there have been many large-scale fires across the world including Russia and Dubai where Aluminium cladding has contributed to the spread of fire throughout the building.

Recently, in Australia, many government and private agencies have banded together to stop the use and importation of Aluminium Composite Panelling. There is currently a national investigation and examination into the types of Aluminium Composite Panels and which buildings have had it installed and in what construction detail.

As a result, various buildings are being or are required to be audited by expert consultants and local council authorities. Where the aluminium cladding is found to be non-compliant with the National Construction Code and/or more than just an attachment to the external wall, the experts and councils are requesting the cladding be removed.

Enhanced Building Services are equipped to prepare specifications, tender services and project management of the physical removal of the non-compliant aluminium cladding and detailing of a new external wall system that complies with the National Construction Code and provides the building with a new and upgraded facade that is non-combustible.


Destructive Investigations and Audits

In existing buildings, it is not always easy to identify the extent of an issue, defect or non-compliance. Enhanced Building Services can assist with destructive investigations and the auditing of essential services installed within buildings.

We provide the following internal audits:
  Penetration and fire stopping audits
  Ceiling and wall construction audits
  Initial assessment of street hydrants
  Fire door audits.

We have extensive business relationships with specialised contractors and can coordinate the full audit of hydrant systems, sprinkler systems, electrical and emergency systems within buildings.


The value of a life cannot be measured.

Almost everywhere we as humans occupy and spend most of our time to eat, sleep, work, rest when sick or entertain throughout our lifetime involves the use of a building. It is fair to state this is where most will spend the time in their life.

Enhanced Building Services is dedicated to protecting and maintaining health, amenity, life and safety within buildings to ensure all occupiers and users are protected. We know that a life cannot be replaced or replicated and therefore, we strive to provide the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity to serve the greater community.


Our Mission

To provide superior construction services by constantly improving through innovation, foresight, integrity and optimum performance. We are focused on building a tradition of trust through dedication and customer satisfaction. For a better tomorrow, starts today.

Enhanced Building Services

Our Story

Enhanced Building Services is a project management company focusing on fire and life safety, building upgrades and building rectification. The members of our team have all been exposed to many defective, dilapidated and poorly constructed buildings throughout the years. We have experienced firsthand how ordinary people are living in unsafe and ‘dodgy’ buildings where life safety has been compromised whilst unaware of the dangers that lie within their new or existing building.

Knowledge is power. Matthew Harriman, Director of Enhanced Building Services, conveys more than 12 years of experience in the construction industry with a diverse experience across the broad. Matthew is committed to ensuring that our clients are serviced with the highest level of professionalism, conduct and ethical practice. After noticing that no matter the time, countless efforts or exceptional work that he continues to do in the industry to make it better, buildings are not actually getting any better.

Matthew has developed a skill set that is extremely thorough with strong attention to detail, the ability to think outside the box and the ability to solve problems that require working backwards. Taking a like to complex problems and the challenges involved with identifying, observing, rationalising and explaining building defects in litigation compliant reports, Matthew has developed his knowledge and understanding of legislation, building codes and Australian standards. Matthews knowledge and understanding of all building aspects is a boundless asset to the ongoing development and success of Enhanced Building Services.

“For a better tomorrow, start today.”
Matthew Harriman
  • "I approached Enhanced Building Services for assistance with fire stopping of penetrations through fire rated elements. Matthew’s knowledge and understanding of residential buildings allowed us to comply with the BCA. We will definitely be working with EBS in the future”
    Salvatore, Director
    Dualtech Air-conditioning
  • “We have engaged Enhanced Building Services to assist us with project managing various projects. Matthews ability to coordinate tradesman and execute scopes of works is second to none. The level of attention to detail is greater than expected.”
    Joe, Director
    Project 85 Building
  • “We engaged the services of EBS when a fire order was issued on our commercial lot. The fire order time frame lapsed. EBS negotiated with council and extended our time frames. Matthew successfully coordinated contractors and a certifier to get the job done.”
    George, Director
    MM Miller
  • “We have been a contractor to EBS for their remedial building works and fire orders. The specifications received are always clear and concise. Our site team have no issue reading them and carrying out the works especially when they are technical in nature. Matthew is a very fair and reasonable person and never favours sides. It is a pleasure working with EBS.”
    Peter, Director
    Evolution Built

P: 1300 300 EBS (327)
A: PO Box 580 Padstow NSW 2211

Give us a call anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.